The Funeral of the Faerie Queen January 22 2015

My last Kickstarter project 'The Derbyshire Mummified Fairy Kit & DVD Workshop' was a huge success and has finally closed and completed.  The highest Kickstarter reward tier was a custom fairy made to the backer's specificiation and his inspiration was the funeral of a fairy queen.

The piece depicts a deceased fairy that has been given a ceremonial burial by a child. Surrounded by the child's collection of trinkets, gifts and curious findings the 'Faerie Queen' lies on the forest floor, her dead eyes still open with her hand clutching a glass goblet.

- whether men or worn he could not tell--but he saw that the face of the corpse was that of a beautiful female, smaller than the smallest child's doll. It was, Richard said, "as if it were a dead seraph,"--so very lovely did it appear to him. The body was placed within the altar; and then a large pat of men, with picks and spades, began to dig a little hole close by the sacramental table. Their task being completed, others, with great care, removed the body and placed it in the hole. The entire company crowded around, eager to catch a parting glimpse of that beautiful corpse ere yet it was placed in the earth. As was lowered into the ground they began to tear off the flowers and break their branches of myrtle, crying:

"Our queen is dead! Our queen is dead!"

My next Kickstarter project starts 1st March 2015 so watch this space!