Happy Birthday Lebanon Circle! October 02 2014

To mark the 10th anniversary of Lebanon Circle I thought it would good to give the site a revamp and implement a few new features. Although the old site looked suitably macabre it was a pain to maintain and I had numerous emails about the text size, formatting issues between browsers and limited payment options. So, taking all of that feedback on board I've addressed as many issues as possible, re-branded the whole look and feel (while hopefully still keeping that gloomy composure!) and added a fully functional merchant gateway so I now accept any form of payment you care to throw at me!

There are a couple of new releases to celebrate the new grand opening with another sure fire success from Prof BC - 'The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key' and two Poe inspired releases from Parlour Ghost & E.R. Perkins. Also coming soon from Lebanon Circle is 'Oculus I.T.H (Insert.Theme.Here) - a demonstration of audience psychic ability for multiple topics and genres covering everything from witch trails to modern day serial killers such as the Zodiac.

Originally a one-man business venture the time has also come for Lebanon Circle to share its success and provide a sales and marketing platform for other independent producers. Aimed and the bizarre and mentalist community I'm actively look for innovative magic creators and prop designers to join The Inner Circle. If you are a small independent producer Lebanon Circle is the best choice to showcase your dark talents and secure success without selling your soul to the devil (I've already done that on your behalf!)

Happy Birthday LC - here's to another 10 years!