Lebanon Circle Magic is proud to present Crookes’ Residual Ectometron, a steampunk styled amalgamation of science and spiritualism.  The ‘artificial medium machine’ powered by electro magnetically charged ectoplasmic batteries will open a direct portal to the spirit world.  All that is required is a treasured possession of the deceased or even a photograph.

Never before have so many methods of spirit communication been achievable using only one device -

A treasured possession or photograph of the deceased known as a ‘key’ is placed inside the Ectoplasmic Chamber or Ectometron box.  Once contact with the spirit has been established an external bell will ring in response to questions.  The personal artefact used as the ‘key’ may also move within the chamber.  For example, the spirit may choose to interact with a pendant inside the chamber by making it swing rather than ring the bell.  The spirit on the other hand may choose to use both forms of communication.

Another method of communication involves placing items inside the Ectoplasmic Chamber for the spirit to interact with.  This could range from leaving messages on spirit slates to playing musical instruments such as whistles, music boxes and children’s rattles.

Finally and maybe more disturbingly the spirit can materialise within the chamber.   A milky cloud of ectoplasm will appear inside the chamber adding a new dimension to your séance that has never been attempted before.  Whilst in ‘material’ form the spirit may also communicate through electro static discharge, your audience will gaze in terror as lightening emanates from the ectoplasmic cloud.

Using the Lebanon Circle ‘Fire &  Forget’ seance system whispers, breaths and greetings from beyond the grave may also grace the ears of the brave few who remain at the end of the evening…

Crookes’ Residual Ectometron comes complete with everything you need to perform these supernatural miracles –

- The Crookes Residual Ectometron is a museum quality piece of art magic complete with an original glass Crookes Radiometer and moving mechanical parts

- Box interior containing a rack of ectoplasm samples, a spare ectoplasmic battery and a Sir William Crookes’ private collection of spirit photographs

- The Lebanon Circle ‘Fire & Forget’ Séance System including a music box

- Detailed DVD and documentation

As with all Lebanon Circle products this effect encapsulates unparalleled craftsmanship and originality pushing the boundaries of séance magic and prop design.  This effect is part of the Inner Circle Range and is produced for you on a commissioned basis.  These effects are not available in shops and are only available directly from me.

Crookes’ Residual Ectometron includes –

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These machines are not a stock item, this limited production run piece is custom made on request and each is individual.  Two designs are available – the original model which has a lift off lid or the antique model where your Ectometron is mounted on an original Victorian antique box subject to availability.  There is no difference in price.  Build time is between 6-8 weeks, if you are not prepared to wait this long then please do not order, there is no queue jumping and an artist (especially me!) should never be rushed.

The Ectometron is a functional piece are art, it is therefore delicate and not designed for touring from venue to venue.  However, I am currently looking into getting antique style storage and transport boxes made.  They will be announced on the site as soon as they are available and will come as additional purchase option.   

How do I order?

A short film detailing the moving elements of the Ectometron




£20 Flat Fee Global

A 50% deposit is required on ordering which is non refundable once the commission has been started.  Please e-mail me here for more details.

Mail: sales@lebanoncircle.co.uk?subject=Ectometron Query
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