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This effect is not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.


These items are expansion kits for the existing CSI System and you will need CSI in order to use them.

Routines and the instructional DVD are not included with any of these items.

CSI Sigils and Symbols expansion for the existing CSI System take this unbelievable effect to a whole new level.  Like the rings, the pendants are solid metal and even though they are chained and padlocked they will vanish before your eyes.  Demonstrate the miracles of Christ as a chained and locked crucifix simply vanishes!  Watch the treasure of the Templars disappear and re-materialise in another location!  The history and symbolism of these iconic and magical pendants can be woven into any routine to create an unforgettable performance.

Each pendant is solid metal and can be worn as everyday jewellery providing you with an impromptu miracle for any location.  Each kit comes supplied with everything you need to create your pendant including a CSI refill large enough to make 2 pendants or 3 more CSI rings!  This refill alone is worth the price of the kit.

The ageing kit provides you with everything you need to create a black inlay on your pendant to bring out the detail.  One ageing kit will provide you with enough material to distress multiple pendants so only one purchase is required.

Please be aware that you will need the CSI System in order to use these pendants.  No instructional material or routines are provided.


Templar Coin


Step One

Select your Pendant

(free global shipping on all pendants including ageing kits!)

Step Two

Add an Ageing Kit (one kit will age multiple pendants so select only one)

Bat out of Hell

New CSI Ring

A new CSI ring design supplied with a generous refill enough to make 2 more!  The internal ring diameter is 21mm.  Again, no routines or instructional material is supplied with this item.  You must own CSI.

(free global shipping)

Special Offer!

If you don’t own CSI then buy the full CSI System and get any pendant kit of your choice for £20 plus free global shipping!

1 x Full CSI System

1 x Pendant

Free Global Shipping

Offer available only through Lebanon Circle Magic.


Celtic Amulet


Crucifix of the Vampire Hunter










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